What Angelina's is doing to keep you safe and help prevent the spread of covid19

  • Installed automatic hand towel dispensers in our restrooms.

  • Installed automatic hand towels and soap dispensers in our kitchen.

  • All staff must continuously wash their hands.

  • Created a MA Covid 19 checklist for staff which includes Social Distancing, Hygiene Protocols and Safety Procedures in the Operations.

  • All common areas such as entryway doors, bathroom doorknobs and various doorknobs throughout the restaurant are sanitized every 2 hours and is documented and initialed every two hours.

  • All chairs are sanitized after each use.

  • We take the temperature of each employee upon their arrival.

  • Staff are required to stay home if they display any flu like symptoms.

                          HOUSE RULES

  1. Keep dining time to 1 hour and 20 minutes.

  2. No Smoking on Angies Patio

  3. No moving or Joining of tables.

  4. Must wear a mask when not seated.

  5. No more than 6 people at a table.

  6. You must make a reservation to dine on Angie's Patio.

  7. We highly recommend reservations for inside dining as well but its not mandatory.